Minecraft Is the Most Sold PC Game Ever, of All Time

Surpassed World of Warcraft by 4 Million copies and counting.

Recently, Minecraft has broken even more records by selling its 18th million copy on PC & Mac alone. Is it any surprise that this massive hit of a sandbox game has come this far?

World of Warcraft used to be the ‘thing’ a couple of years ago. When you said you played games on the PC to anyone, they would usually assume you were a WoW player, nowadays, almost everyone and their kids that have a computer or console (unless you are a Nintendo fan) that has Minecraft installed. Hell, its even on Mobile platforms!

Microsoft must be pleased with themselves. Minecraft creator Notch (Markus Persson) sold Minecraft to Microsoft for an unimaginable amount of money, $2.5 Billion. A lot of money spent by Microsoft but a worthy investment, even more so now that Minecraft recently hit 18 Million PC & Mac sales alone.

Minecraft pc most sold game

And they are selling 15k copies per day…

What has made Minecraft so successful? Many people that haven’t had their hands on Minecraft understandable don’t see the appeal, its graphics are something you would find on a PlayStation 1 game, there is no story or hints to what is going on, there isn’t all that much too it. Those people are boring.

Thousands, if not millions of Minecraft players including myself have had hours upon hours of enjoyment just on the singleplayer survival aspect of the game. Once you take into account the number of different types of Multiplayer servers you can play on, Minecraft Realms, A $%£” tonne of mods, it multiplies the hours of enjoyment you can have so many times. Some of us here at Gamer UK have been playing Minecraft since the early days and are stilling enjoying ourselves on the game.

The game has come a long, long way since the idea for this game first popped into Notch’s head and judging from the current happenings (Minecraft the Tell Tale Game, Minecraft being purchased by Microsoft), Minecraft still has a long way to go before it stops.

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