Gamers Raised over $8,000,000 for Children Last Year, What’s Next?

Gamers are awesome at giving back.

Its always awesome to see something so positive come from the gaming community. Gamers around the world have helped the Child’s Play Charity raise over eight million dollars last year, breaking the 2013 record by over a million.

The Child’s Play Charity helps improve the lives of youngsters stuck in hospitals all around the world. The money gamers help raise goes towards providing a vital distraction with video games, consoles, gadgets, books and more.

childs play 2014 money raised record breaking

Since 2003, the Child’s Play Charity has raised a total of almost $35 million thanks to the awesome gaming community there is no plan on slowing their record breaking train any time soon, as long as gamers continue to be awesome and continue to help fund Childs Play.

Some gamers may have already supported Child’s Play without having any knowledge of it. Purchasing Humble Bundles due to the low price of sometimes great games or other digital media always helps support a number of charities, Child’s play included. If you have purchased a Humble Bundle or two, you should be feeling awesome as you helped support a great charity.

Someone outside gaming would look at the community and think ‘just a bunch of guys and girls playing video games…’ It is certainly more than that and helping raise 8 million dollars within a year is something to be proud of.

Help Child’s Play break last year’s record once again by visiting their website and donating if possible, or put some money towards a Humble Bundle and help that way! If you can’t, sharing is caring and certainly helps any charity with their funding.

Congratulations to Child’s Play and gamers all around! Lets hope for an even better year this time around!

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