Destiny Player Finds Level 42 Vault of Glass Gear on a Bungie Account

A Reddit user records some footage of a Destiny player equipped with level 42 light gear!

Someone with an awesome Reddit username (AerobicPie73630) recorded some Destiny footage, showing off what seemed to be a Bungie account having improved Destiny raid gear.

The account that was spotted with the raid gear is named ‘BungieHelp02’ and with it having the advanced gear, we can safely assume that this is a Bungie employee testing out some things we may be seeing in the future… or he just simply showing off his awesome, unobtainable gear.

Some of the gear captured in AerobicPie’s video is obtained through The Vault of Glass. However the gear spotted here had a total light level of 42. Could this mean that a future Destiny update or DLC could provide players with the ability to upgrade older raid gear?

Destiny the game vault of glass raid gear upgrade level 42 light bungie

I need this for Iron Banner!

Running raids with friends is one of Destiny’s most enjoyable aspects. The ability to upgrade older raid gear (in this case Vault of Glass gear) in attempt make it relevant and useful again would help with the problem of epic and fun raids becoming pointless. Lets hope that this is an update on the horizons.

AerobicPie, why didn’t you check the upgrades and materials needed for this advanced older raid gear!

In addition to what is seen in this image, this video highlights everything ‘BungieHelp02’ has equipped, including second gear page.

The Reddit post that contains the captured footage and a followup discussion can be found on DestinyTheGames’s subreddit.

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