Report: Guitar Hero and Rock Band set for Xbox One and PS4 return

After several years away, the heroes of music peripherals are set to make a glorious comeback. Bloomberg recently reported that Harmonix (recently known for the Dance Central franchise) are developing the next generation of Rock Band for Xbox One and PS4, while Kotaku has stated that Activision are doing the exact same for Guitar Hero.

The last Guitar Hero title – Warriors of Rock was released in 2010, meaning that just enough time may have passed for the world to be yearning for a new plastic guitar title (we won’t talk about Rock Band Blitz – the last game for that franchise in 2012). According to Kotaku’s sources the new Guitar Hero will move away from its signature cartoon style, focussing more on down to earth (realistic) graphics and development may have moved to one of Activision’s West Coast studios.


Will the new Guitar Hero continue full band support like Rock Band in the new generation?

Not much is known about the Rock Band revival – which it totally should be titled…”Rock Band Revival” – but after a handful of new songs recently added to the game through DLC received a positive reaction, it would be no surprise Harmonix is working on something.

The new Guitar Hero is rumoured to be announced at E3 2015.

I’ve been a fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band since the PS2 days (shout out to Free Bird on Expert) and I’d like to think there is room in my heart (and cupboard) for another half size guitar. Now excuse me while me and Izzy Sparks go and rock out to Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group…