Tesco Offering UK Deal For £50 Nintendo 2DS Consoles

For those of you who have been desperate to get their hands on the Nintendo 2D, the company’s non-3D 3DS, but haven’t been able to acquire the funds to do so, then now is probably a good time to do it, as the console is being discounted at certain retailers. The discount probably comes after the launch of the New 3DS, but for those of us who find the 3D effect vertigo-inducing, and those who love a bargain, the chance to get a hold of the 2DS for cheap probably isn’t one to be missed.

We here at Gamer UK thought it would be rude not to bring to your attention that Tesco currently has a deal on the console*, bringing the price down to just £50; so now you can afford to buy the console and maybe even a single game to play on it too. Brilliant.


*Editor’s note: we are in no way affiliated with Tesco, we just think you all deserve a good deal on essential purchases like this one.